My new life begins right now…as a Personal Trainer and boy am I excited!!!!

They say that life begins at 40, a change is as good as a rest and that you should follow your dreams.

Well, in the last 8 weeks or so I’ve made some big changes to my life. I’ve decided to step way outside of my comfort zone and follow my dream of working within the fitness industry, with a particular focus on helping those who believe that they cannot be helped. Obesity  management and food addiction are two key interests of mine.

I decided to write this blog to record these changes, the process and my development. I hope this blog will record my transformation from a comfortable, employed but not really fulfilled individual to a self employed, completely engaged, fitness professional who loves what she does, and all of the highs, lows, mistakes, learnings that happen along the way. Also the blog hopefully will give you tips about making your life healthier and happier and who knows  maybe inspire you. I am no writing expert but hopefully my posts will be literate and make for enjoyable reading.

So, how did I get here? I was always a chunky child, well overweight really but “chunky” or “big boned” was always the favoured euphemism in our house. It didn’t help that both my mother and sister were slender beauties. I grew up lurching from chowing down on cake and takeaways to subsisting on fruit and laxatives.  I was actually quite a sporty child but I just couldn’t get rid of the weight and whilst everybody around me grew taller and slimmer I seemed to just get wider and wider. So I continued to battle with my weight and yoyo diet and then went off to university. Now, it could have been the combination of having too much studying to do, the reluctance to use the generally dirty shared kitchens in student accommodation, not having much money to spend on food (but lots to spend on alcohol of course)  and the subsidised gym on campus, whatever the reasons, I lost loads of weight and suddenly went from being overweight to normal. At the beginning,  the weight loss really wasn’t deliberate but the more people commented on how good I looked, the more obsessed I became. I focused almost entirely on “managing” my weight and when people expressed concerns about how thin I was becoming, that actually spurred me on to lose even more weight. Can anybody relate to that at all? My relationship with food, my view of myself, it was all horribly wrong.

Anyway cut to today and I am now a healthy individual who eats well, very well and loves working out. It took a lot of hard work, on an emotional as well as physical level but I have honestly never been happier or healthier. I qualified as a PT a few years ago and then was lucky enough to get involved in a project focusing specifically on people suffering with obesity. Just seeing the changes within a matter of weeks on those clients, not just their physical wellbeing but their self esteem, their confidence, just the way that they held themselves. It was amazing to see and it touched me.

Nikki-Carrol-fitness-image-by-light (4 of 27)So that’s how I got here. That’s why I am doing what I am doing….very scared but also very excited and hoping to one day know that I made a difference, even if just to one person.

Wish me luck.

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